Thursday, February 12, 2009

Terror Titans #5

I'm not really sure what the point of this series is. We've spent 5 issues now watching the evil of the terror team, and while some of them are interesting characters (notably Copperhead and Persuader) I'm just not sure why these guys deserved a 5 issue limited. Ravager is pretty cool, but making her an addict to adrenaline doesn't exactly make her more likable, and she was a borderline villain before. I'm not fond of seeing Desaad and the Female Furies used as underlings to Clock King either. I actually thought Desaad would have gone to Earth 51 after Final Crisis? When does this series take place? I'm unclear on how this fits in to the greater story of the DCU, actually.

The martyr heroes are kind of amusing, because they're going to be cannon fodder in the last issue. We do have another death in this issue, but it was someone created in this series, at least. I'm sure some of the more obscure folks in that crowd are dead meat too though. This is one gory comic.

I still like Joe Bennett's art. I wish he was drawing a book I liked more.


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