Sunday, February 8, 2009

Captain Britain & MI13 #9

Paul Cornell finally wraps up the Hell Comes to Birminham story this issue, and it comes to a good close, even if the story did go on too long. I'm loving the addition of Blade to the team, he really makes sense and adds a good tough guy dynamic to the team. I do worry that Black Knight rarely has anything to say this issue, but I did enjoy the developments with his sword. That imposter ebony blade is an evil, controlling thing, and it successfully takes over Pete Wisdom for a moment when it gets the chance. I think the design of the blade even changed, and judging from the cliff-hanger ending, Dracula is involved. Neat!

I liked the face off with Plotka destroying Blade's weaponry, that is always a nice bit when the villain admits that the heroes did have one way to hurt him, but it was just destroyed. The Allistair Stuart varying look problem, which I believe was an accident in the Pete Wisdom mini, is actually used as a primary story bit here. Cornell handles the whole wrap up well, with Captain Midlands' story being a really sad one. Wisdom is actually harder on the Captain than most readers, I'd bet.

Leonard Kirk's pages look fantastic, but I'm worried at the amount of fill-in material here. I think most of the solo Captain Britian pages are done by someone else. I really want this book to remail in Kirk's style, so I hope he is still on after the next few issues.


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