Saturday, February 21, 2009

Immortal Iron Fist #22

I have to admit, I'm impressed with where Duane Swirczynski has gone with Iron Fist. This issue opens up with Iron Fist being tortured in the Eigth City, and we quickly find out how he and the other immortal weapons found themselves in such dire straits. They are being forced to fight on a continual basis with no food or rest, leaving them the targets of brutal beatings from the inhabitants of the Eigth City. The City is populated by the monsters and criminals from the other seven cities, making this a city of madmen and creatures, which is a great idea. The Immortal Weapons head in with additional urging from Davos, the Steel Serpent, who knows that the previous leader of K'un L'un banished political foes to this hell too. So the story essentially picks up numerous elements from the excellent Brubaker & Fraction run and extrapolates them out well. My one complaint about this issue in particular is that we get almost no time with the other weapons, and if this is a team book now I expect to see a bit more of them. In fact, I can't remember all 7 of the weapons now, just the Dog Brother and Bride of Nine Spiders.

Travel Foreman's art is fantastic here. His designs for the creatures populating the Eight City are horrifying and creepy. This creative team has done a good enough job picking up the reigns from the old team, so at this point I'm sold on the trade.


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