Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Green Arrow & Black Canary #16

Merlin is neat villain, a kind of anti-Green Arrow. We see a little of that here, but GA certainly mops the floor with him pretty quickly. I do appreciate the done-in-one aspect of the book, and the fact that Andrew Kreisberg is setting up a new supporting cast member for the title. I was surprised to see Black Canary taken out by Merlin though, that's two issues in a row where BC's fighting skills have been pretty poor, and she's been a liability both times. I'd hope there is an outside reason, but I'm not sure there will be. I also must have missed why Oracle and Black Canary aren't speaking anymore. I still haven't seen anything that will bring me running back to this comic, at this point I may just have to admit I'm not a Green Arrow or Black Canary fan.

Dan Norton's artwork is clear and no-frills. This type of book is a good fit for him, with straight forward action with some drama.


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