Wednesday, February 18, 2009

X-Men vs. Hulk #1

Ah Chris Claremont. You do love writing a certain style of story. This one is set in the vague past of the X-Men, with Colossus taking on the Hulk. I'm not sure this jibes with modern takes that would have Hulk mopping the floor with ol Petey, but Colossus holds his own here. There isn't too much of a point here. Logan is trying to teach the X-Men some kind of lesson about toughness and preparedness, but I kind of lost interest in the "lesson." I found the dialogue amusing, especially the fairly generic language about Colossus using his training to fight the mindless hulk. I think my favorite part of the issue is that Colossus gave Banner his clothes, so maybe those giant-guy clothes would actually fit the Hulk.

Jheremy Raapack's art is not quite ready for prime-time. He's got a vaguely Michael Ryan quality to his art, and some of his panels are fine, but he has a little work to do on storytelling. The art is ok, but there is room for him to improve.


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