Thursday, February 12, 2009

Captain America: Theater of War: America the Beautiful #1

Captain America is so darn cool. One shots like this really point out the difference between Steve Rogers and Winter Cap. Rogers is such a stand up guy that you can't help but be impressed by him. Paul Jenkins writes the lead where Cap keeps a watchful eye over an incompetent soldier, trying to make him live up to his potential. He finally does, but at a great cost. So the story is told in flashback as Cap talks about his relationship with the soldier. The action is all set during WWII and it is easy to see why that is Cap's golden age. He's such an inspiring figure, and seeing him function with regular troops really plays up the what a huge deal he would be to a normal soldier. The close of the story is a little heavy handed, but in a good way.

Gary Erskine's art is decent, but his faces are all a little lumpy. He does have a few panels where he nails Cap perfectly though, so much so that I almost think it looks like Kieron Dwyer drew it. I'd recommend this book to anyone missing that classic Cap feeling.

The backup by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway follows Cap's influence again, this time with a soldier who met him during the battle of the bulge. Again we've got a santized comic war-story, but with the inspirational Cap added in. This really is an effective use of the character, and I always love Ordway's art, so this was a winner too. It is always nice seeing Cap and Fury's respect for the greatest generation. I'll be buying the Theater of War trade for sure.


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