Monday, February 2, 2009

Batman #685

This issue wasn't very good. I missed the Heart of Hush story in Detective Comics that Paul Dini wrote, and he really picked up that story here. Something about Catwoman having her heart removed and Hush now looks just like Bruce Wayne? I don't know anything about that. There is a little story about how Catwoman wants to stop some illegal poaching and selling of exotic animals, but it was a pretty generic story. It even had one of the animals rescue Catwoman from danger when a gunman gets the drop on her, so yeah, this was pretty by the numbers. I also don't really see the need for the surprise reveal at the end. They were kind of incompetent in dealing with Hush anyway (as Hush killed like 10 dudes while in their presence). The new status quo of a captured Hush that looks like Bruce Wayne? Kind of silly.

Dustin Nguyen's art was sketchy throughout. I don't know about Vietnamese rhinos, but that was one odd looking beast. Overall, this was a pretty poor "Faces of Evil" feature on Catwoman.


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