Saturday, January 31, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #32

This book was satisfying on a few levels. The Krybb story had been kind of frustrating, since the focus was on some B or C level Lanterns, plus the whole Star Sapphire thing had been kind of delaying the actual conflict. That ends this issue, as Kyle throws off his mental domination through willpower alone. After taking out the other mind controlled Lanterns, we get some nice battle between Krybb and Kyle. The new law of the Book of Oa gets implemented, which leads to a mass defection from the corps as a ton of corpsmen must give up their rings rather than abandoning their partners, so that was pretty cool stuff. So was the baby saved last issue showing up in Salaak's arms with him clueless on how to handle it.

The new Star Sapphire group is a little on the silly side with the whole "look into my jewel for your heart's desire" but at least in this case it led to some character development and opportunties for Soranik and Kyle. That might be neat to see how it goes. The real story is Mongul though, you know he's gonna be trouble when he links up with the greater Sinestro Corps.

Patrick Gleason's art was great. There are a couple pages I might target to buy this summer at the cons too, that one with Krybb and Kyle playing chicken would look good on my wall...


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