Monday, January 5, 2009

Dead of Night: Featuring Devil-Slayer #1-4

This has been a decent mini, but I'm afraid I still like the old Devil-Slayer more. The series tells the story of a GI facing off against a Blackwater type merc group. The problem is the mercs are really devils working with rogue angels to start a new war between Heaven and Hell. We find out the D-S is a long-lasting role passed down through history to equip heroes to face off against the super-natural. I'd say our new Slayer does a good job considering his mentor/trainer gets wasted in issue 2 or 3. The story is a little bit by the numbers and predictable, but the dialogue is better. The dialogue during the final battle is good and angry, showing how the fight had gotten personal.

The art by Chris Samnee is a real treat. It's dark, moody, and tells the story clearly. I think he could be up there with Mignola and Sook as far as mood and setting. I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.


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Captain Nigel said...

I'm just sure you bought this.
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