Thursday, January 8, 2009

Walking Dead #57

Damn. Kirkman is back. This book has been fantastic for like 6 months in a row now. We have some great interaction between the two factions of the group, and Rick convinces Abraham to take a day's detour to Rick's old police station for supplies. I bet we'll finally get the check up on those survivors from issue 1 too. In any case as the two of them (plus Carl) head up the highway, they are ambushed by some scumbag survivors. I kind of knew where the scene was going, and Kirkman didn't pull any punches. It was one of the most upsetting scenes I've read in quite some time, but man, Rick sure sticks up for his son. Rick and Abraham are going to be able to bond now too, making their complex relationship even more interesting. This book is riveting right now.

Charlie Adlard's art was spot on this issue. When the ambushers arrived, I had no doubt that they were scum. The suddenness of their appearance was well drawn too. Abraham's boredom at keeping watch was focused on the undead, not the probably more dangerous living.


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