Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Conan the Cimmerian #7

I'm coming around on this title. I had planned on passing it up, but Richard Corben's flashback art has been fantastic. As I said in an earlier review, I find myself more interested in Connacht than Conan these days. But Conan is cool even when he's not the best character in the book. This issue wraps up his "coming home" arc, and I really liked the interaction of Conan with the people who knew him as a child. There is a nice goodbye here with Conan's mother, and I liked seeing Conan unable to resist the call of the distant cities, and his mother knowing that would happen. There is "too much of the wolf" in Conan, he can never be domesticated, and there's something awesome about that. I always like it when someone survives a Conan story arc too, and Horsa does survive (to be killed in a later story, I'm sure). I will pick up the trades of this series this summer.

Corben's art steals the show, but Tomas Giorello can draw the bloodshed. He has Conan wreaking some fast havoc in this issue, it looked good.


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