Monday, January 12, 2009

Avengers/Invaders #7

Now we're getting somewhere. The LMDS are being controlled by the villain most likely to be interested in robots (you know who it is, c'mon!) And the cosmic cube is being weilded by D'Spayre, a funny old villain who is using the sadness of the Civil War, Death of Cap, and breaking of the Avengers to collect the sadness of the inhabitants of the Marvel U. Heck, I never knew Marvel's publishing plan was so powerful! There must be some kind of meta-commentary here somewhere, right? The book actually has a few nice scenes. I liked the LMDs "eating" the original Human Torch, that was pretty darn scary. I'm also liking the interplay between Ms. Marvel and Winter Cap. They are both lead dogs, so it is fun seeing them feel out who can boss who around. I liked Wasp having any role at all, and she gets to rescue Iron Man from imprisonment, so that was fun. I do feel a little bad for Krueger and Ross that their epic story has already been bypassed by the Marvel U. The status quo just changes too fast these days.

I like Steve Sadowski's art. The pencils are kind of lumpy, but the action is strong througout, and he has an almost Epting-style on Winter Cap. Those scenes with the LMDs were pretty horrifying too.


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