Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nova #20

I realize that if this were a different comic, I might complain there was not enough action. Richard Rider spends the issue talking and recapping with his old friends Justice and Firestar from the New Warriors, and they all long for the good old days. I did like the issue though, because I liked those old days too. I was a big New Warrriors fan, and the era we see here had some fun, entertaining books. So I'll forgive the characters for sitting around remembering, because those were good comic-times. I'm loving the idea that Richard's younger brother is going to make a fantastic centurion. I'm hoping we're not cruising for a big death or anything, one of my favorite things about Nova is that his family is all alive and pretty well adjusted. He really is an average guy with a normal life. On the villain count, we had little Terminuses in the flashback, and the current Centurions team up to take on Dragon Man. I'm a little disappointed that these classic villains are mood setters now (like the Serpent Society last issue) but at the same time, I'm glad that Abnett and Lanning include them at all.

Wellington Alves is developing into a solid penciller. I liked the way Justice and Nova had different hairstyles so we could tell them apart out of costume. With some artists it can be tough to differentiate heroes while they sit around having a beer, but Alves keeps it clear.


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