Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Punisher #1

Ah, another Punisher re-launch. This time we've got another attempt to put Punisher squarely in the Marvel U as Frank tries to take on Villain #1, Norman Osbourne. I do like the little bit Rick Remender uses in having Punisher using a skrull sniper rifle to try and make the shot. Skrull tech would probably be lying all over the place, so it is a nice nod to the last big story Frank was involved in. Of course, he doesn't make the shot as Sentry shows up to make the save, and then immediately he heads out after the Punisher. The rest of the issue is the standard no-powered guy running from Superman, but it is done pretty well. Remender's running internal monologue from Castle is entertaining. He manages to make use of the Punisher's past in some nice ways during these scenes, I liked the bit about Catholic school in particular. The issue closes as Frank makes contact with his new helper. Micro, Rampage, and now this guy, I do like how the Punisher never lacks for flunkies willing to support his mission. The issue is fine, and I'm sure the series will be decent too, as this seems up Remender's alley. I just don't think "normal" Punisher stories can do it for me now, after reading Garth Ennis' masterful series for so long.

Jerome Opena's art was grittier than I expected. With Punisher back in the Marvel U, and with that cover, the gritty style of pencils surprised me. But he handled the action well and he did a good job on Frank's supplies and armaments, always important in a Punisher comic.


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