Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Punisher: Frank Castle #66

You can't reason with the Punisher. The flunky scientist discovered that this issue, and I love it. Duane Swierczynski does a pretty good job showing the ruthlessness of the Punisher here, first in how he takes out a child slavery ring, and then even more in Frank's response to his poisoning. This story is showing how the Punisher acts with like 6 hours to live (or 24, or one, or something). The important thing is, I love how Punisher just doesn't care. He always figured he'd die doing this, so the only thing he's worried about is that he dies "busy." It is going to be a rough night for crooks in Philly, because it seems Frank is worried about going out with a bang. The story has potential, I'm not sure if it will hold up though. I've seen stories like this before, after all (Punisher: Suicide Run is the first that comes to mind). Until I see something grounbreaking or profound, this book will stay second-fiddle to Garth Ennis' work on the character.

Michel LaCombe does a solid job on the art, the gas-masked kidnapper looks spooky and out of place in the battle van. I also liked the fanboyish scientist.


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