Friday, January 9, 2009

Secret Six #5

Man, this comic kicks butt. Gail Simone does another bang-up job as she had me on the edge of my seat throughout the issue. As I said last time, I'm a Bane fan, so seeing 1/2 this issue narrated by him was a treat. He's a noble beast, Bane, and he gets some great lines and even gets to come off as a bad ass while he's having bricks thrown at him. The big shocker of the issue is that King Shark can talk. Just kidding, it's actually the revelation of who "Junior" is. I figured it was the Dad of the family, but I was very very wrong. I loved Junior's reveal. We've had 5 issues to see just how evil Junior can be, so adding in a personal relationship with one of our Six makes it so much cooler. The new Sixer (can't remember her name, that's not good) seems pretty cool, and I always like super powered invulnerable ladies. Deadshot narrates the other half, and I think my favorite there is just how amused he is when he remembers how he bloodied his cigarettes. I'm also fascinated that he seems to have NO interest in the Get Out of Hell free card. Simone is one of my favorite writers. I'll follow her to just about any title at this point.

Nicola Scott does a great job too. Bane's beating is remarkably savage, and the twins' reveal is set up in an appropriately amusing fashion. Best of all, she gets to draw that last page and really make it a stomach-turner. Yeeeech.


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