Monday, January 12, 2009

Ms. Marvel #34

Spider-Man guest stars this issue, and man, he's using a new plan on his jokes: make almost every line of dialogue is a joke, so hopefully one or two of them will be funny! I'd say that ratio is about right. He's kind of a bozo this issue, used and abused by Ms. Marvel. Speaking of the lead character, I'm not sure why she's not in her costume or using her powers. Instead, she's wearing a Marvel comics ball cap and using a gun. She's threatening lives, pointing guns at Spidey, and in general not acting at all like Ms. Marvel. I've said before how this is a comic I WANT to like, because I like the look and powers of Ms. Marvel, well take away those two things, and there is not really anything for me in this comic at all. Machine Man shows up for a few panels of mostly exposition, but doesn't do much. He does as Ms. Marvel where her cat is (with Simon).

The credits say Paulo Siqeuira and Adriana Melo are on art, but most of the issue is too choppy to be them. The other work I've seen from those creators has been a little smoother. The faces in particular are fairly craggy in this. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised this book hasn't been cancelled.


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