Thursday, January 29, 2009

Justice Society of America #23

I love Hawkman. Screw those old fuddy-duddies (GL, Flash, and Wildcat). If they are going to try and suspend another senior member of the team over a disagreement, Hawkman is right to quit. Frankly, I would have loved to have seen half the team walk out with him. The three senior guys then go through the existing lineup and make judgements on who is good enough to stay and who are they going to let go. I'm pretty shocked at their audacity, since last I checked Power Girl was the leader of this team. I hope more of the remaining heroes head out too. The housecleaning is a good idea from a comic-standpoint, as the team was too large, but the way the characters did it was grating. But a neat approach by Geoff Johns to do it that way!

I loved the focus on Black Adam and the Marvel Family this issue, including a quick scene with Billy Batson's adoptive parents who I hadn't seen in a long time. I'm a little shocked at quite how obvious they made Felix Faust's activities with Isis though. Johns has never been one to avoid those mature or violent themes, so I shouldn't be surprised, but still...

Jerry Ordway is the man. He draws the Marvels like no other and I LOVED seeing his Billy Batson again. Power of Shazam holds a special place in my comic-heart, and seeing the characters looking right again was fantastic. Now let's move everyone back into their old roles (no time for slutting around, Mary!)


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