Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Avengers: The Initiative #21

So much for my dream team of Gauntlet, Tigra, Stingray, Hellcat, and Gargoyle as the new leads for this book. None of them are sticking around, with most moving back to their teams, and Gargoyle retiring. It was neat seeing how Gargoyle wouldn't work for Osborn, but I loved Gauntlet's reaction even more. It is their JOB to be heroes, and they have to make the best of it. Good attitude. Now Doc Samson does stick around to face off against Ragnarok this issue, so I'm hopeful he will be joining the cast regularly. The Shadow Initiative gets only a page or two, but there is some fun dialog there. Typhoid Mary unmasks, then warns Komodo with a "spoiler alert" just a little too late, just like the interwebs. The Shadow Initiative may end up being the main part of the title after all.

Ragnarok does show up, convinved he is the God of Thunder and ready to kick butt. Too bad Thor Girl is in therapy, she shows up to try and stop him. I love how Gage uses every character to their fullest, Thor Girls is awesome, but he's even better with Gorilla Girl. I'm worried for her in this fight! He wouldn't break our hearts and have her killed on her way out would he? Hoo boy. I do like having that team show up at the end, I wonder if they're going to register? Go back to the Camp? Should be interesting.

Humberto Ramos is always dynamic. His lightning-filled battle of the Thor-clones was pretty impressive. I do like Thor's classic look better than this Coipel-designed one though.


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