Thursday, January 29, 2009

Captain America #46

What I like about this title is that its always good in the same way. The characterization is good, the story is good, the art is nice, but nothing huge ever seems to happen. Yet somehow we've moved on from issue 25 nicely at this point.

This issue has Winter Cap and Namor heading to China to track down their old buddy the Human Torch. We get a few nice Winter Soldier flashbacks, showing us why the scientist hates him so much, but other than that, it is a character piece with a few action scenes. But Namor and WC taking out guards doesn't rank high on the action meter, so the strength here is the characterization. Namor is a fun, surly friend to WC, and that pre-established relationship from WWII lets Namor seem a little more at ease than he usually does. I'm loving the Black Widow in this book too, using all her old spy contacts to get more info. What's really neat is that these contacts aren't immediately killed as a plot device, they are just some of her old world showing up.

Steve Epting is back on pencils, and everything looks right again. Luke Ross was decent and had the house style down, but Epting created it, and the book looks best in his hands. I still think the Winter Cap costume is silly though.


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