Monday, January 12, 2009

Teen Titans #66

Yowza, this book is floundering. I can't believe I was ever really into the Titans, to be honest. This volume of the series was never great, even when Johns was writing it, and it has kind of fizzled out at this point. What is really interesting to me is that I actually like much of the current cast. Blue Beetle is great, Meltdown is cool, Red Devil is fun, and I have no problem with Wonder Girl being the original member and leader. But I just don't care what is going on in this book. This issue has Robin preparing to take his leave of the team, and he's trying to drum up some new members before he goes. While they are going over possible recruits, Cyborg's floating head appears and he tells the team he is still watching them and wants to guide them. I liked that Beetle and Devil both comment on how creepy that is, because it really is. It seemed like Cyborg doesn't trust those crazy kids at all if he's monitoring their every move. It made the Teen Titans seem irresponsible and Cyborg seem creepy, kind of a bad combo. Another thing I don't like kind of comes from another title. Robin and the team discuss how they can't find a lot of teen heroes because they are fighting and dying at the Dark Side Club. To me, that is not acceptable. If CHILD heroes are being brainwashed and killed, the Titans need to escalate that crap. In a book celebrating the shared universe of the DCU this much, it seems irresponsible for the Titans to do anything but try to save the next generation of heroes. These are kids. I realize the story works like this so that there can be a Terror Titans mini-series, but still. I did like the work bumping Wonder Girl up to being team leader, that will be an interesting role for her. Her new costume is ok, but I do miss the bracelets! Traci 13 and Spoiler do appear in the issue, but I'm not sure exactly why...

Eddy Barrows does have a nice style on pencils. He's decent at drawing the youth of the characters, and his Blue Beetle looks pretty good.


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