Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green Lantern #37

BaBum! BaBum! Hrrrssssss! I'm still so amused by these silly Red Lanterns. I'm not sure if it is funnier when they burst out of the blood pools to ambush Hal Jordan or if it is more amusing watching them fight the Sinestro corps with their acid puke. I mean, really. Am I the only one who really finds this a little silly? I was fine with the Fear Corps, as the opposite of the Lanterns, but the whole spectrum of color is silly. The Blue Lanterns come out and declare themselves the "saints" of the universe. I'm reasonably sure they are not meant to survive the upcoming war of light though. I did find it interesting that Sinestro warned Jordan about the Red Lanterns. Is there still more respect there than it seemed? The problem is we're getting sequel-itis here. In the first movie/story, Sinestro was the big bad, but he was so popular, that now in the sequel there are multiple WORSE baddies like the Red Lanterns and the upcoming Black Lanters. BTW, I'm furious about the two spoiled IDs of the Black Lanterns. I knew it would happen when I saw my guy go down like he did, but man, this stinks.

Back to this issue. I was kind of surprised at the fate of the GL turned RL Laira. After investing so heavily in the Yellow Lanterns, she was really the only RL that had any character time invested. Atrocitus is kind of silly, leaving her as the only "name" in that whole corps. (The Yellow Lanterns get a cool robot introduced in this issue though.) That last page was a bit of a shocker, but I predict it won't last more than 3 pages into next issue.

Ivan Reis' work is solid. He tells the story clearly. This whole war of light thing is still just not doing it for me. I still think there are two sides here, good and bad, I don't need the different colors of the rainbow to tell me which kind of good they are.


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