Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Faces of Evil: Prometheus #1

I have a few problems with this book, but they all make me look like a huge dork. Oh well. First of all, Martian Manhunter wouldn't really be cool with putting Prometheus in a mental loop like that, he did something similar to Despero and we got to see him anguish and think about it, and it was supposedly a one-time deal. So I don't like the way Pro was written out of the DCU for the last few years. I also didn't care for the bumbling of the Blood Pack, now, I realize Argus and Gunfire and Anima are not that popular or well known, but there is no need to trash characters like this. Pro breaks Gunfire's hands to take him out of the fight, which is fine, that shows how tough he is but also leaves Gunfire in play for another story. There is no need to kill Anima and show her cloven corpse floating out into Limbo. Not to mention that I'm reasonably sure Anima died in another crossover last year, didn't she? Maybe Titans East? I think it is pretty silly that the go-to for establishing villains in the DCU is to check the rolodex of disposable heroes and to rack up a body count. There is no talent or skill involved in that. As Chuck Dixon recently said (I'll paraphrase) leave the toys in the box for the next person, there is no need to break anything. I did like some of the character bits about Pro, but I believe they were all ideas Grant Morrison had when he invented the character, so Sterling Gates' one-shot didn't impress me.

Frederico Dallochio's name is new to me, but I liked his art. Gunfire and Argus looked good, Anima looked great (too bad, huh?) His take on the Prometheus suit looked strong too.


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