Friday, January 16, 2009

Wolverine: Switchback #1 (and other Wolvie 1-shots)

What I like about all these recent Wolverine 0ne-shots is that they remind me of what I used to like about Wolverine. He's a hard-ass who kills scumbags, and is basically the Punisher as a super-hero. I've enjoyed most of these one shots, they aren't revolutionary, but each is a nice little story of a scumbag getting what he deserves. The art varies quite a bit too, but some has been impressive. Wolverine: Scream with Mike Deodato on art was pretty enjoyable. This issue looks a lot more "European" with Das Pastoras on art, but I dug it. The climax in the barn was pretty scary. Really, these issues would each be a good action or horror movie, only we have Wolvie as the tough, honorable protagonist. This story in particular is made to be a horror movie. Add Wolvie into the mix, and we're gonna get a little justice at the end, which is fine by me.

I'd say these books are enjoyable enough to pick up out of value bins during con-season, each of them tells nice little one-and-done stories featuring a character we all used to dig. People have been laughing at the abundance of Wolvie one-shots in recent months, but they've been pretty entertaining, and where else do we get this kind of story these days? Not in either of Wolvie's solo titles, that's for sure.


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