Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terror Titans #4

At least Static came out swinging. I still don't like the choice to incorporate him into the DCU in this series, but oh well. In fact, I feel like this dark series is damaging almost everyone appearing in it. Ravager is going to be close to irredeemable, which is too bad considering she was one of the more interesting heroes in Titans, now she's firmly in the tweener category. The new Star Spangled Kid, Terra, TnTeena, Hardrock, they are all neat additions to the DCU, but by having them as brainwashed flunkies, I still feel this weakens their potential. Characters shouldn't need to be rescued in their first appearance, the first impression of incompetence is hard to shake off. I'm still surprised at just how dark McKeever's books are. I had only read Gravity from him at Marvel (which I liked), but man, all of his DC books are depressing, violent, and kill-happy. I just haven't been impressed.The more I read of the current Titans universe, the more I like Tiny Titans.

Joe Bennett continues to draw the book nicely. Sure, everyone looks like a beautiful person, but its a comic so I don't mind.


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