Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thunderbolts #128

Man, I HATE Norman Osborn. He's such a colossal jerk, and Diggle really drives that point home in this issue. I was so happy to see Doc Samson show up to try and talk some sense into Obama, making sure he would realize what a maniac Osborn is, but thanks to the planning and unlimited budget Osborn can access, his shadow T-bolts team is going to make Samson look like the crazy man. This issue only includes a few of the T-bolts, with Black Widow II, Ghost, and Ant-Man showing up. Ant-Man by far had the best debut, what a lucky guy to have those as his transport. This is obviously the beginning of a story, so there is a lot of setup involved, but there is a lot of potential here. I'll make my guess now that it is Paladin in the Goblin suit, although I suppose Nuke would fit also (he is the last team member, right?)

Roberto De La Torre's art is still looking great. I love his design for Black Widow II's costume, it looks almost exactly like the normal BW's costume. I don't care for Doc Samson's short hair, but that is the status quo right now, I think. My one complaint is the Ghost's redesign. I love Bob Layton's original costume for the Ghost, so making him waste away and look terrible robs us of a really neat design. This issue was entertaining, but wasn't quite as in your face fantastic as the last couple starring Songbird. I do worry that there won't be any likable characters on the team...


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