Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

I'm running out of positive things to say about this comic. How about this? In this issue, not only do we get our normal great mix of Marvel Universe obscure classics (one of the Headmen, Mentor, Isaac, etc.) but we get narration from a great minor character that Warren Ellis put to prominence in his Thunderbolts run. That's right, after being messed up by the Thunderbolts, Jack Flagg is now leading the resistance against Blastaar at the 42 prison in the Negative Zone. Abnett & Lanning are masters in using the expansive Marvel U to great effect. I loved how Star Lord gets his message through to the Guardians to let them know where he is. As for the team itself, I never thought Rocket Racoon would be one of my favorite characters. Bug also fits perfectly on the team and I'm loving the current set up. I don't trust lady Starhawk though. Of course, reading back issues of Marvel Presents, I don't see how anyone ever trusted Starhawk.

Brad Walker's textured pencils look fantastic. Blastaar looks awesome. Jack Flagg is neat, and I loved how he is still a super-powered hero from his wheelchair. The prisoners in 42 looked great too, and that is saying something, there are some obscure guys in there.


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