Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Sometimes, rarely, Marvel seems to put out books just for me. I know that's silly, but why else would the Badoon become major bad guys just as I start reading Steve Gerber's Marvel Presents featuring the Guardians? It's just perfect timing. This book continues to be crackerjack, with an awesome, expanding team and great villains. Bug is awesome this issue, as it becomes clear that Rocket Raccoon didn't fill him in on ANY of the drama plaguing the team right now. His confusion was pretty amusing. The big Groot/Monster climax was telegraphed beautifully by Mantis. How did Groot become a fan-favorite? Star-Lord gets a lot more screen time this issue, as we see his futile face-off against Ronan. I did like seeing Ronan go back to his bullying, jerkish ways. This guy should not be a protagonist, he's a villain, so I'm loving how Abnett & Lanning are dealing with him. As if that's not enough, Blastaar is planning on attacking the 42 prison. If we get to see Earth villains running around in the Negative Zone, I will be one happy camper (heck, there will be some unregistered heroes there too!) Adam Warlock and Gamorra are still tracking down the Universal Church of Truth too. So that's about 5 villain factions all vying for the attention of the Guardians.

Kev Walker takes over and his art fits PERFECTLY. It's a little grittier than Pelletier's was, but it looks closer to the art in the Star Lord mini that this series spun out of, so it fits. I believe Walker is the ongoing artist. I hope so, because his characters looked great (Rocket's fuzzy face was awesome). So yeah, this book is about perfect.


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Always Right said...

This was the first issue in a while that I appreciate picking up this title. It reminded me of what fun comics can be.