Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thor #12

This issue is mostly filler, as Loki travels back in time to fulfill his role in history, many of the specifics were covered (from a different POV) in the Odin flashback earlier in the series. I did enjoy seeing Loki go back to his evil, scheming ways, especially back with his original look. We also find out whose body he is using in his new lady-form. SPOILER: There is a reason Sif isn't around yet! It will be pretty fun to see what she does when she eventually comes back. For Thor readers with a long memory, this is actually a pretty compelling storyline, I like it. Loki does seek out some help from Hela to help him travel through time. Hela looks kind of skanky and looks pretty different from her old green and black suit. I do find it interesting that the Asgardians are inhabiting and influencing human forms in a similar fashion to the New Gods in DC. Heck, I always figured Kirby was calling the Asgardians the gods of the Third World anyway...

Olivier Coipel's art is solid. His Loki-classic looks scheming and yet still retains some regal element. He does a great job showing the pompousness of the character, Loki looks like he owns every situation he walks into. The flashback material was fine, but I'm not sure I care for the look of the frost giants now, they actually look quite a bit like trolls or something. The book is chugging along, and when there isn't political lecturing going on, it is actually fairly enjoyable. If it keeps up, I will probably pick up the trade.


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