Friday, January 9, 2009

Wolverine Origins #31

Logan, you should know better than to trust an emo kid with a mohawk. Daken unsurprisingly betrays dear old Dad this issue, choosing to side with Cyber. Of course, I strongly suspect this is all Logan's plan to get Cyber to tell all he knows about Romulus, but the betrayal is still the most interesting part of the issue. Logan and Daken are hunting the world's most boring villain, Romulus, and they know he will hang out in whatever part of the world has "the most senseless violence." I'm so disinterested in the ongoing story here I honestly don't know what to think. I tried to give the series a chance past its tie in with X-Men Legacy (which I love) but man, I just can't get behind this book. Daken is still pretty much a cardboard cutout, and I don't like the retcon of making Logan a hitman for Romulus for most of his past either.

Yanick Paquette should be on a better book. His art was fairly choppy this issue, not as good as I've seen it elsewhere. But I do like his style, and his costumed Wolverine was pretty cool looking. Nice cover though.


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