Friday, January 2, 2009

Forever People #7 (1972)

I have been loving the Jack Kirby Omnibii collecting the Fourth World saga. I'm just now getting to volume 3, and the first issue is Forever People #7. I think what is so fantastic about Kirby is his love of youth and his belief that they could really change the world. In the start of the issue, the youngest gods of New Genesis confront Highfather, begging him to save the Forever People. The FP have been blasted to different points in Earth time by Darkseid's omega beams. Beautiful Dreamer and Mark Moonrider get to visit Ford's theater on the night of Lincoln's assassination. Big Bear gets to see the Romans leave England and inspire the Arthurian myth. Vikyn gets treated poorly by racist Spanish explorers. Poor Serifan is just sitting around fighting off the army of Glorious Godfrey. Each story gets some nice exposure for the characters involved. In each of the stories, I loved how the optimism of the Forever People made them see the best of each situation. Vikyn's love of the unspoiled environment of the Spanish conquest was particularly cool. In the end, Highfather used another wacky high concept, the alpha-bullet that can return each hero to New Genesis. The best exchange of the issue is when Highfather questions Esak about youth "What is it that makes the very young -- so very wise?" Esak replies "Tee hee, it is our defense, Highfather, -- against the very old!!" I love the awkward phrasing and odd punctuation Kirby uses. His work is honestly like it has been run through a language translator.

His art is dynamic and mind-blowing as always. Highfather's chamber on New Genesis is awesome. Kirby's faces do tend to look a tad odd, but man, that energy is unbeatable.


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