Sunday, January 4, 2009

Justice Society of America #22

Well thank goodness that's over. After the last 3 years, I'm really ready for the KC Superman to move on. The Gog part of the story has been pretty entertaining, and that resolved pretty nicely. Starman and Superman get to take out Gog in a pretty entertaining fashion. Starman's agreement of "Yabba Dabba Doo" was pretty amusing and I liked him getting such an important role in saving the Earth. Most of the Gog-sided heroes get some nice payback on him too. Damage's huge explosion was neat, and Citizen Steel stands up to him nicely too. Only about 1/2 the issue is spent resolving the JSA's own storyline though. The other half features Alex Ross extrapolating out what happens to KC Superman after he returns to his own Earth. It seems he reunites with the surviving heroes (I spotted Ray, Mr. Miracle, Barda, Avia, Elongated Man, and more). Superman and WW get together and either have a ton of kids or just love being surrounded by kiddos. It seems as though KC Supes sticks around until the Legion age too, as he smiles at them as an old man. I probably would have been fine with this if I had seen it in a KC /book, but I was annoyed at so many pages being taken from the real JSA. I am very pleased at the character epilogue moments we do get with Damage, Magog, and others, though.

Dale Eaglesham's art is pretty great as always, his scene with Damage and Judo Master was especially cool. Alex Ross' art was great too, but like I said, I didn't really need to see more KC Supes. In all, the strong resolution to the long Gog-plot makes this book still rank pretty solid.


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Captain Nigel said...

I haven't read one part of this Gog story, but you've been all over him, so I'll grab the trades. Can't wait for Willingham/Sturges though. I never thought I'd be ready for Johns to get OFF a book, but those guys are just too fun. Get ready for Ultra Humanite or Per Degaton! Maybe Monster Society? FUN!