Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dark Avengers #2

I'm really impressed with how Bendis is handling this title. Maybe it is the rock-solid foundations that Ellis laid down in his Thunderbolts run, but Bendis' team of jerks is awesome. I really enjoyed the opening sequence where Osborn lays down the law about talking to the press. Ares calmly tells Osborn that he can't tell him what to do, so Osborn makes sure Ares doesn't want to talk to the press. He doesn't, so no problem. Again, a few moments later, Bullseye/Hawkeye suggests going after Iron Man. There is a great cut shot of Ares and Sentry, neither of whom look too pleased to be going after their old leader, so Osborn immediately states that the Dark Avengers aren't really going to get involved. Fascinating characterizations here, including the pettiness of Moonstone/Ms. Marvel as she still can't get to the top of the heap the way she believes she should. The main conflict with Morgan Le Fay is fine, but nothing too special. I do find it interesting that the seeds for this story were laid back in Mighty Avengers. If readers were not familiar with that, I wonder if it would be as interesting?

Deodato's art is superb here. These Thunderbolts are HIS characters now, he draws them like no one else. He's quickly nailed down the new looks and characters. His Ares is awesome. This is a no-brainer trade for me now.


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