Thursday, February 19, 2009

War of Kings: Darkhawk #1

I like War of Kings. I like Darkhawk. And yet I was very unimpressed with WoK: Darkhawk the comic. The issue had almost no relation to the greater War of Kings story, at least not yet. I would be fine with a nice series featuring Darkhawk, but I really don't like were CB Cebulski is going with the story. Chris Powell is struggling with anger management issues, and after he punks out Vector of the U-Foes, he goes back to the Loners self-help group. To be honest, I think DH is better than the Loners at this point, his exposure and characterization in Nova's title was so good, I hate seeing him as this self-hating loser. Since I have so little in the character portrayed this way, it really kind of ruined the issue for me. I do like the idea of there being multiple Darkhawks in space, so that's a point for possibilities. Also, I've made it clear how I feel about stupid deaths in comics, so if Powell's family was killed on that last page so that he can be even angrier and sulkier, then this issue will drop even further. I'm afraid I just haven't read anything by Cebulski that I really enjoy.

Harvey Tolibao's art was ok, but his figures can look pretty odd sometimes. Vector looked mighty weird.


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