Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cable #12

I'm impressed. This issue was all post-apocalyptic wandering as Cable and Hope travel further and further into the future, finding less and less sign of nature existing in any form. There is a neat sequence where Cable finds and kills some kind of robo-wolf, but the story is actually cooler since Cable has no idea why the creature is there. Probably some sort of probe sent by Bishop, I'd imagine. In any case, Cable collapses and leaves Hope panicked and scared thousands of years in the future, a pretty effective cliff-hanger. This is barely a mutant book at this point, it has really become more of a survival story. I'm digging it, and the kinder father-figure Cable is kind of interesting too. I will be ready for his eventual return to the "present" but this makes for an interesting story.

Ariel Olivetti handles the prologue dealing with the bug-men of the last few issues, but once the characters time-slide to the future, it is all Jaime McKelvie. His expressive faces really shine througout. He doesn't have to do much with backgrounds in a wasteland, but the human characters look great. I look forward to more Marvel work from him.


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