Saturday, February 7, 2009

New York Comicon: Friday News

The big announcements on Friday include the following:

  • New Mutants will return in an ongoing by Zeb Wells. I don't know the artist Diogenes Neves, but the lineup looks like it will be the original team with Wolfesbane subtracted. Wells does state that more people will join later, so maybe we'll see Shatterstar soon!
  • X-Men Forever: Chris Claremont and Tom Grummett are launching a book picking up after X-Men #3 from 1991. That's right, Claremont will be writing an X-book based on his long-standing plotlines that came to an end at that time. I'm actually a little intrigued by this. I love Grummett's artwork, but I'm a little sad he keeps ending up on projects I probably won't buy.
  • Young X-Men ends with issue 12. Looks like I won't bother with the trades there.
  • Dark Wolverine: The Wolverine title will swith protagonists when Daken takes over with issue #75. Daniel Way is writing. I think I'll be passing on this!
  • X-Force: Sex and Violence: Gabriel Del Otto will be painting this book starring Wolverine and Domino. Sounds like a safe TPB to me!
  • Adventure Comics: It will spin out of Legion of 3 Worlds and is written by Geoff Johns with art by Francis Manapul. Possible trade for me, but I'm getting tired of waiting for DC trades.
  • Dark Reign: Young Avengers: I'm not a huge fan of the characters, but Paul Cornell is writing and Mark Brooks is drawing, so I bet it will be good. I'm in.
  • Fantastic Four: Dale Eaglesham signed an exclusive with Marvel and will join Jonathan Hickman on FF after Millar leaves.
  • There will be a new Animal Man ongoing. No details.
  • James Robinson is doing a Shade origin mini-series. Sold!
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