Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thor #600

So JMS redeemed his lack of action this issue, with a huge Thor-worthy slugfest that is worthy of the God of Thunder. Thor goes up against a confused Bor, who has been thrown into the present by the scheming Loki. Loki's plans and maneuvering through this whole volume of Thor pays off this issue, as his plan comes to fruition. We get a new status quo for Baldur the Brave and for Thor, and Loki is now suggesting relocating Asgard to Latveria. I'm not sure it fits (aren't the Atlanteans there too? How big is Latveria?) I'm also a tad unclear on whether or not Thor's hammer was broken when he dealt his THRAKADOOM death-blow to Bor. The battle was so epic up to that point, I'm actually ok with the use of Simonson and Workman's sound effect like that. I'm unclear on where the book will go from here, but I'm hoping that a Thor with a lot more time on his hands may take some action against the Dark Avengers. When they showed up this issue, Thor was justifiably pissed. I am still digging the interaction with Baldur and Loki too, since Baldur knows who he's dealing with, I hope he continues to stick up for his bud Thor.

Olivier Coipel's art is great, and it was a lot of fun seeing him draw so much combat. I'll bet there is a long delay after this issue as he recuperates, since he's not the fastest artist. Marko Djurdjevic's portion was well done too, making the modern world seem pretty horrifying to Bor. His alternate take on Thor was spooky. The backups were fun too, with Stan Lee doing a remarkably non-chatty Thor story set in the days of the classic Avengers.


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