Thursday, February 12, 2009

Final Crisis: Revelations #5

Please tell me how this related to Final Crisis in any way. Nothing that happened in this comic had anything to do with the greater story in Final Crisis. We had a classic DCU villain wrecked when Vandal Savage turned into the ridiculous Cain. We had the Spectre split from his host then re-connected. We had the Question (new one) wrapped up in a spiritual battle that is certainly not where the character seems to work best. We had a kind of silly new character called the Radiant introduced as God's spirit of peace or forgiveness. I just don't see the point of this series at all. Huntress was in this last issue, but she was pretty unrecognizable from the character I liked so much in Birds of Prey. Question's tough gal dialogue in the face of overwhelming odds was decent, but Cain's part in this was awful. He turned out to not really have any power at all, and all we've lost is a good villain. As a tie-in, this was a failure too, as nothing Question did here had anything to do with how she acted in Final Crisis.

Philip Tan's art is dynamic, but pretty unclear in places.


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DJ said...

I agree with you that this is a waste of Vandal Savage.

But the Question figting the Adherents of the Crime Bible is what Rene has been s=doing since 52.

But I found the series to fit well with Crisis. I understood Cain to have been given power over the Wrath of God that he felt victimized by. He denies his sin.

Cain Chose to invent Murder. He was punished by the Wrath of God. God allows this because free will is important. The articulation of the Anti-life equation by the Spectre was the final stroke that allowed Darkseid to overcome all human resistance {Submit} the final vision by the Flashes of the world controlled by Darkseid.

What the Question does is to choose sacrifice to restore her former Partner's Faith. That allows the Spectre to rejoin his host. This would be the turning point in Crisis. {Resist}

The Humans controlled by Darkseid are beyond his control, but those freely choosing Evil, to support the monster Cain, he is free to Punish.

For some reason the Wrath of God is not confronting Darkseid directly. Which is different than Infinite Crisis.

The Question then joins Checkmate for the last couple of books of Final Crisis.