Friday, February 20, 2009

Gears of War #4

There is something fun about reading the Cole Train yelling
Mother F%ucker. Heh. The story is still moving along, but it feels slow, I'd bet this series has been hit with delays. I'm pretty sure it takes place before the Gears of War game that I'm playing right now, so the lung-sickness infecting Delta's newest member should be resolved in the game. There is not a lot of ground-breaking action (well, technically ground-breaking, I suppose) but I'm not reading this for epic storytelling. If you like the tone of the video games and enjoy watching Marcus Fenix and pals take on Brumak's, you could do worse. This book is banging along based on my love of the property as a whole, that said, not a whole lot happens in this issue.

Liam Sharp's pages looked great, but there was a fair amount of fill-in work in this one. Either that or a bad inker. The issue was fine, but not quite as fun as it has been.


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