Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mighty #1

I really shouldn't be surprised. Peter Tomasi and Keith Champagne are good, so The Mighty #1 is good. This book has all the hallmarks of being an an early cancel by DC, so I'm sorely tempted to not wait for the trade. I'm afraid if I wait I won't get the chance to read it. The book tells the story of the private police force that cleans up after the world's only superhuman. When the force's captain turns up dead, we follow the narrator as he steps up for the job. The relationships here look very entertaining, both the professional and personal ones. I really like the new captain's relationship with his wife. She's smart enough to be more worried than he is, which is a fun dynamic. I'm worried that the early signs point to Alpha One (the hero) as the murderer, but surely it wouldn't be that obvious, would it? We're supposed to think that, right? I'm really anxious to see what happens, but unsure if I can wait for the trade. We'll see!

Peter Snejberg is perfect for this type of project. His facial expressions are fantastic and I even liked the simple, functional design for Alpha One.


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