Friday, February 13, 2009

Ms. Marvel #35

Well that was a little better. I'm still not getting the title I'd hope from Ms. Marvel, but this was interesting at least. Ms. Marvel heads to Georgia to investigate the mass suicide of a cult of Captain Mar-Vell from the average limited series pre-dating Civil War. It seems the cultists are so upset that Marvel Boy is now going by Captain Marvel's name that they had to off themselves. Seems extreme, but it has a nice tinge of reality to make it an interesting comic story. The problem is that we again have very little of Ms. Marvel in costume fighting villains. I can hope that will come, but it isn't here. Surely that recipe for a comic isn't that hard to figure out? There is a lot of stuff in this book about some Ascension plot device involving Ms. M's past involving Norman Osborne, but I'm pretty bored by that whole story and to be honest, it kind of confuses me. I just don't really understand who any of the players are in the story.

Patrick Olliffe is a classic artist, drawing something a little more smashy-smashy would be appreciated.


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