Monday, February 9, 2009

Bat-News from NYCC

I forgot to mention the Bat-title announcements from NYCC. That probably shows how excited I am about all the upcoming bat-madness!

  • Batman - I'm back when Grant Morrison is
  • Batman & the Outsiders - by Tomasi, so I'll get the trade
  • Red Robin - if this is Jason Todd, then no thanks
  • Batman & Robin - this would depend on creative team
  • Batgirl - no thanks
  • Batman: The Streets of Gotham - depends on the creative team and high concept
  • Gotham City Sirens - again, depends on the creative team and high concept, but I'm guessing Paul Dini
At this point, I'm so concerned about the heavy hand of editorial dictating what long-standing characters like Nightwing and Robin act like that I don't see how I'll be confident enough to buy these books.

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