Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nova #21

DnA put together another great issue. I love the whole idea that the reader is siding with Nova (at least I am) even in the face of all these trusted people in the Marvel U. No matter what Reed Richards or the World Mind say, I still side with Richard Rider. I never trust Ego the Living Planet, no matter what happens. And that last page was fantastic! There is a lot of potential here, but I'm not sure which way I think would work out better. Would it be neater to see Richard as a normal Nova centurion (and would he get his old uniform back?) or would it be neater to keep him as the galactic mover and shaker that he's been in this series? I think DnA have set up the possibilities so well, it could work out great either way. This issue is mostly a build up for the next stage in Richard Rider's life, but it is handled perfectly.

This issue made good use of the FF as guest stars, I liked Human Torch tuning out of the conversation with Reed and the World Mind once they "start talking nerd." Nice little character bits even with the headliners.

Wellington Alves' art is getting more refined as he gets more issues done. I really like his stuff.


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