Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Justice League of America #29

Did I miss an issue? Why are we learning about Starbreaker in an awkward flashback? Did this story get told in an old issue of JLA? Is it a new presentation? Does it really not matter at all which Flash we're reading about? I have no clue which Flash this was and best of all I'm not sure it matters. Starbreaker seemed pretty random and generic too, is he the threat the League is getting ready to face? This book is kind of a mess. After two strong issues, this was a stinker. The thing is, I know Len Wein is better than this. This has got to be one of the weakest rush fill-ins I've ever read.

I like Chris Cross, but he looked mighty rushed in this. None of his characteristic facial expressions won me over, and the action was choppy.


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