Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Avengers/Invaders #8

I'm not sure what just happened. After quite a few issues running around not doing very much, each of the sub-plots was resolved REALLY fast. Human Torch faces down Ultron very easily, this is not the same robot from Annihilation, that's for sure. Then Echo is somehow immune to D'Spayre's powers because she's deaf? Huh? And D'Spayre was really the Golden Age Vision, who is actually a midwife for cosmic cubes. I'm really getting lost here! I love how the Invaders will listen to reason now. That surely would have been easier to do in issue 1 or 2. In any case, using the cube, Dr. Strange is sending the Invaders back to the past. He does a little mind-wipe just in case (so sorry, Winter Soldier!) But then it seems something goes wrong, because a blue wave of energy starts atomizing the combined Avengers teams. Dr. Strange saves a small crew, but I honestly have no clue what is going on from this point. (That small team includes Spidey, Ronin, Iron Man, Cage, Ms. Marvel, and the Invaders).

Steve Sadowski's art is still pretty darn solid. He has a great handle on team books, and everyone looks good. I was impressed with his faces in particular in this issue.


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