Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Punisher #2

Rick Remender is doing a decent job here. If Punisher has to be interacting with the Marvel U, there are worse things he could be doing than targeting uber-evil Norman Osborn. I'm not sure how long the concept can last (but I have that concern with Dark Reign in general). Punisher's new flunky (unnamed?) is an amusing tech-nerd, but man, he really needs to understand how things end for EVERYONE Castle ever works with. It never goes well. This book plays up the super-hero shared universe of the Punisher, he uses laser rifles and raids an armory that includes an Ant-Man helmet, so we're deep in shared universe territory here. I've been spoiled by the gritty MAX Punisher series though, so this isn't really my preferred take on the character anymore. It looks like the Hood will be taking on Punisher starting next issue, no doubt allowing low level flunkies to be blasted and killed when they take on the big P. Again, for a shared universe take, this is fine.

Jerome Opena's art is gritty and scratchy, and occasionally hard to read.


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