Thursday, February 19, 2009

Invincible #59

Powerplex has a pretty dang depressing origin. I'm impressed that Robert Kirkman can still write some of the things he does now that he has a kid. This was his "villain point of view" issue, so we see Powerplex as he gets more and more obsessed with taking out Invincible. The thing is, some of the guilt does have to rest with Invincible, because a lot of people have been caught up in his fights. That said, it was pretty tragic watching Powerplex lose everything trying to destroy a guy who doesn't deserve it. I loved the series of fights as Powerplex beat up Shapesmith and the Teen Team, then just went home like normal as he worked his way up to Invincible. I don't think I've ever seen a super-villain's supporting family before, so Kirkman is still hitting original ideas here.

Ryan Ottley's art is the model of consistent. Powerplex isn't too dynamic looking, but they can't all be home runs. (I do like Shapesmith's new costume.)


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