Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Invincible Iron Man #9

What a high concept. Norman Osborn is out to get Tony Stark because Stark has the only copy of the hero database in his head! Great stuff. What is it about Iron Man that makes him match up so well against all the big bads. Not only does he get Mandarin, Justin Hammer, and his usual rogues gallery, but Dr. Doom and now Norman Osborn are perfect foils for him too. This is one of the books that makes it so fun to hate Osborn these days. He's an enraging guy to read about because you want him to get his comeuppance, but we know it is a long way off. I'm looking forward to Stark getting back in his armor and kicking butt, he's spent a lot of time sitting around 1/2 dressed watching monitors. Time for some fights!

Salvador LaRocca's light-box style art isn't as cool or dynamic as his old pencils were. I liked that old style, so this seems a little stuffy to me. He's still good, and his take on the armor is solid, but I want more action. I do think Josh Holloway/Sawyer is an interesting model for Stark though.


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