Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daredevil #115

Ed Brubaker is a consistent writer, I'll give him that. The fascinating thing about his books are that they are kind of slow, even while being entertaining. In this issue we find out that Lady Bullseye has been setting up DD to take over leadership of the Hand. Of course, Matt isn't even tempted, but it is pretty neat seeing how White Tiger and Black Tarantula have switched sides (or have they? Master Izo seems to think at least one is still good, my money is on the Tarantula!)

The nice tag-team fighting by Iron Fist and DD is handled well, these are two characters who have a lot in common and would probably get along well. It was pretty fun seeing them take on those ninjas. The problem is I don't really see any changes or movement in the title. Lady Bullseye tried this plan, it didn't work, and so she left. The story just kind of happened, and I'm sure it will be picked up again, but then don't label it part V of V. It is just an ongoing story, don't pretend it is going to make a good trade.

Michael Lark does a great job with that combat, Iron Fist taking to the air on his kicks looked incredible.


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