Saturday, February 14, 2009

Secret Warriors #1

There is a lot of potential here. I really liked Hickman's take on the Marvel Universe. The team of "secret warriors" definitely has potential, although I must confess that I don't really like any of them that much yet. What really whets my appetite for this comic is the text piece in the back of the issue. I saw references to old Steranko material AND to the excellent Bob Harras-written Nick Fury vs. SHIELD ("the Deltites affair). So someone has definitely done some research on the good Fury comics of yesteryear. I would would probably be more interested in a straight espionage book using AIM, Hydra, and the rest, but we may still get that. I've read in interviews that Hickman states the secret warriors are not just the new characters here, but will involve factions from all over the Marvel U. Handled well, that could be awesome. Fury comes off as suitably bad-ass in this, his confrontation with Obama being particularly amusing, but man, that backup shows how much work has been done to set this up. I'm hopeful.

Stefano Caselli has a dynamic style that works great for the action and is good enough for the interpersonal stuff.


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